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Malcolm has direct interests in legal services, corporate services, corporate advisory, finance and wealth management and digital marketing, which directly contribute to the success factors required for new companies and businesses. He also has exposure and connections in multiple industries, including corporate advisory, technology and finance (venture capital, private equity) which are particularly pertinent for the fintech, consulting and ICO space.

He published a book in late 2017 on "'How to ICO/ITO - Legal and Regulatory Framework in Singapore" and has already, and is still advising over 100 companies who have already, or are intending to ICO/ITO in Singapore and around the world, with clients from the UK, Malta, Western and Eastern Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, the Americas, Singapore, etc. Many clients are also in the midst of licence applications in Singapore for Payment Services Act licences, and other types of regulated licences such as Recognised Market Operators, Commodities, Precious Metals, Capital Market Services
Licences, Variable Capital Companies (VCC) etc.


Malcolm published a second book in 2020, DeFi - The Latest Financial Phenomenon, and is also a leader in the DeFi space, having worked on several DeFi projects and being a keynote speaker in numerous conferences in this space.


In the ICO, IEO, STO, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space, Malcolm has done regulatory reviews and consulted with multiple governments, and is frequently a speaker and thought leader for DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) and ICO and Cryptocurrency regulations and law.

He is now working on his third book, on NFTs, and under the Technicorum Group, over a hundred NFTs have already been launched and several firsts in the space were accomplished, such as the first digital art NFT in Sweden, the first music NFT in Sweden, etc. Several projects with NFTs holding a prominent place were also launched successfully in the past 2 years.

The Technicorum Group is a multi-vertical group of companies specialising in the digital assets and cryptocurrency space. One fully owned entity, Gravitas
, is a full service, end-to-end service provider with advisory, corporate structuring, legal, white paper and tokenomics, marketing and PR, smart contract, dapp and token launcher building capabilities, and can also assist with post ICO activities such as exchange listings, token offering underwriting and business development. Gravitas has direct partners and or a presence in many countries around the world, such as USA, UK, EU, Russia, MENA, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Australia, etc.

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